1st International Conference on Auditing and Artificial Intelligence

August 21st – 23rd, 2024 - University of Duisburg-Essen in Duisburg, Germany

About the Conference

The 1st International Conference on Auditing and Artificial Intelligence invites scholars, practitioners, and experts in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, accounting information systems, accounting, and auditing, from across the globe to share and exchange their ideas on advancing the auditing profession through the use of AI. Scholars worldwide are invited to contribute original academic research that explores the dynamic interplay between AI technologies and auditing (methodologies). This event provides a key opportunity for broadening our understanding of how AI is reshaping auditing practices. It provides a unique opportunity to showcase ideas and results that utilize the transformative capabilities of AI in the field of auditing.

Call for Papers


Dates and Deadlines

Submission:July 1st, 2024, 11:59PM EST Time (early submission is encouraged)
Notification:July 15th, 2024
Early Bird Reception:August 21st, 2024
Main Conference:August 22nd and 23rd, 2024


Keynote Speakers

Professor Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University

Professor Miklos A. Vasarhelyi is the KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accounting Information Systems and serves as Director of the Rutgers Accounting Research Center (RARC) & Continuous Auditing & Reporting Lab (CAR Lab).

He is credited with developing the original continuous audit application and is the leading researcher in this field. At Rutgers Business School, Professor Vasarhelyi heads the Continuous Auditing and Reporting Laboratory, which works on projects for such leading companies as Siemens, KPMG, Procter & Gamble, AICPA, CA Technologies and Brazil’s Itau-Unibanco. Also, he leads the RADAR (Rutgers AICPA Data Analytics Research Initiative) project supported by the 8 leading CPA firms, AICPA, and CPA Canada.Vasarhelyi, who received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from UCLA, has published more than 200 journal articles, 20 books, and directed over 40 Ph.D. theses. He is the editor of the Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing series and the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting.

The professor also has taught executive programs to many large international organizations, including GE, J&J, Eli Lilly, Baxter, ADL, Volvo, Siemens, Chase Bank, and AT&T.

He received his MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in economics and electrical engineering from the State University of Guanabara and the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. He taught at USC, Columbia and worked at the Bell Laboratories.

Professor Vasarhelyi was chosen as the Outstanding Accounting Educator by the AAA in 2015 and received ISACA’s Wasserman Award among many distinctions.

Professor Meike Ramon, PhD, Applied Face Cognition Lab, University of Lausanne

Professor Meike Ramon is a Swiss National Science Foundation PRIMA (Promoting Women in Academia) Fellow. She founded and leads the Applied Face Cognition Lab and directs the Cognitive and Affective Regulation Laboratory at the University of Lausanne. After studying at the Ruhr-University in Bochum (DE), funded by Belgian National Science Foundation she received a PhD from the Université catholique de Louvain (BE), and was a Visiting Postdoctoral at the University of Glasgow (UK). Meike’s research focus is on Cognitive Neuroscience and its translation into application and policy. She studies face recognition, the neurofunctional basis of differences in this ability, and its implications for society - from face-blindness to so-called Super-Recognizers. Other things Meike is involved in: Founding member of the 500 Women Scientists Bern/Fribourg - Local node leader of the Swiss Reproducibility Network - Member of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) - Member of the Europol Platform for Experts (EPE) and Europol Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN) - Expert Panel Member for Innosuisse, the Swiss Federal Innovation Agency - Juror for the German National AI Competition - Board Member Association for Independent Research - Advisory Board Member for the multi-centric project "Increasing eyewitness identification accuracy in lineups using 3D interactive virtual reality (3DIL)". As a Scientific Advisor for the Berlin Police, Meike co-developed the Berlin Test for Super-Recognizer Identification (beSure®), a bespoke tool involving authentic police material.

Professor David A. Wood, Brigham Young University

David Wood

Professor David A. Wood is passionate about understanding new technologies and implementing them into the curriculum of Brigham Young University, where he works as the Glenn D. Ardis professor of accounting. Prof. Wood received his Ph.D. at Indiana University and his BS and MAcc degrees at Brigham Young University. At BYU, David teaches accounting data analytics and accounting information systems. David has published over 150 articles in a combination of respected academic and practitioner journals, monographs, books, and cases. His research has won multiple best paper awards. David is a current or past editor at five journals and editorial board member for nine journals. He works with the EY ARC to develop curriculum that is provided for free to academics throughout the world (see

https://eyarc.site/). He is also a coauthor on the market-leading AIS textbook, Accounting Information Systems by Romney, Steinbart, Summers, and Wood and codeveloper of the ttps://www.byuaccounting.net/ and https://www.techhub.training websites.

Larry Herzog Butler, Delivery Hero SE & Board of Directors Global IIA